Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New President Barack Obama Graphics

Its official and its historical America has voted and we now have our first African American President. There were a reported 22 million new voters this election and that is amazing! So to celebrate we have just created a the New President Barack Obama Myspace Layouts for your profile.

If you want to sport some Obama The President gear on your self, check out these President Obama T-Shirts!

Change Minds. Make History at

We have also posted new President Obama Comments Graphics below. Enjoy. And way to pull through America!!!

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Cool Obama Graphics

It’s official the 2008 Presidential Election Day is here!!! This post is for all the Obama supporters… We’ve collected some of the coolest Barack Obama Graphics on the web and put them here for your use. Of course our graphics are here for you to use on the web - but what about on your body? You can check out these Obama T-Shirts or even make your own Political T-shirts! And of course, check the Obama graphics we have here. We have even included some funny John McCain Graphics for good measure. So lets get to it.

Not Politics as Usual. Make History at CafePress

Obama Myspace Layouts, Graphics and Comments:

We all could use a little more cowbell Mr. New President Obama!

Click here for the “Obama More Cowbell Myspace Comment”

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Who got one of these I voted for Obama buttons? No? …Exclusive!

Click here for the “I Voted for Obama Myspace Comment”

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This Obama graphic is very very cool.

Click here for the “I Voted for Obama Myspace Layout”

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How cool are these Obama Pins Graphics! So are you an Obama Mama or Obama’s Homeboy??

Click here for the “Buttons Obama Layout for Myspace”

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LOL at whoever created this one! Whaddup to the original “Obama Hope” creator Shepard Fairey

Click here for the “Nope” Myspace Comment and other funny McCain Comments

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Just can’t get enough? Click here for more

NFL Football Myspace Backgrounds

NFL Backgrounds for every team is being designed at cleanupmyspace…all unique myspace layouts of your favorite football teams. Check out the Atlanta Falcons, Denver Broncos, da Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys Myspace Backgrounds we just put up!

Atlanta Falcons Myspace Background ___ Chicago Bears Myspace Background


Green Bay Packers Background _____ NFL MYSPACE BACKGROUNDS


This is just the mixed tape, head over to for more NFL Backgrounds, we’ve got layouts of all of the teams over there — the Tennessee Titans Layout, Dallas Cowboys Layout, Washington Redskins Layout

I was at the Titans vs Colts game on Monday night, what a fourth quarter!

Go Titans!

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Tampa Bay Rays Layouts and Philadelphia Phillies Layouts - World Series!

Wow, so you have to sport this Tampa Bay Rays Layout and of course NL rival Philadelphia Phillies Layouts, can you believe the Rays just beat Boston to go to the World Series in a year they were supposed to be third in their own division! It looks like the Rays are here to stay, that lineup is young! Check out all of our Baseball Myspace Layouts.

Tampa Bay Rays Myspace Layout

Philadelphia Phillies Layout

Also check out all of our Baseball Contact Tables for Myspace and represent your favorite team.

Be sure to keep checking back at the MLB Baseball Layouts at because we have a new Phillies and a new Rays Layout in the works - don’t miss em.


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***UPDATE: We just posted up 2 BRAND NEW Baseball Layouts, a Phillies Layout and a Rays Layout. (See below)

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